Bespoke Items

Over the years we have had numerous requests for help.  Some with strange gaps to fill or sharp corners to protect from crawling children.  We try and do our best at helping and advising each individual.

Please do email and see what we can do!

Examples of some very long or wide draught excluders


This client was looking for something to protect their small children from hurting themselves on the plinth in front of the fireplace. This was designed with hooks on the ends to enable them to attach to the wall to stop it from moving.


This was a fun problem to solve.  A terrible draught was coming through the vents at the side of this person's cooker.  We make these handy draught excluders with hooks on the ends to be tidily put away when cooking.


If you can't find fabrics on the website you like, please get in touch.  We can make them in pretty much any material.  With hooks attached pretty much anywhere!